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Vatwire is the leader in international VAT and TAX RECOVERY. Our 10 YEARS OF KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE, combined with our proprietary technology and team of product and country specific experts, ensures that we maximize our global customers foreign tax recoveries.

The VAT refund opportunity spans from Europe to Australasia, Canada and Japan.

Vatwire can reclaim on average 20% of your foreign travel expenses.

Our knowledge and experience in the VAT reclaims arena enables us to claim back the largest quantum of vat from the foreign authorities for and on behalf of our extensive global customers which adds directly to our global customers bottom lines.

To complement the many facets of submitting claims in foreign languages, country specific requirements and vast legal opinions, Vatwire has developed a proprietary software system (AVANTI©) to manage the entire VAT reclaim process for and on behalf of its extensive global customers in a transparent and easily identifiable manner.

We Do Not Charge Our Customers Any Form of Upfront Fees!
We merely retain a percentage of the successful refunds we attain for our global customers.

Some compelling reasons to use Vatwire:

Knowledge & experience

Vatwire is a team made up of highly qualified tax experts. Each of our experts spends the better part of their day researching global tax recovery services to remain at the cutting edge of tax developments worldwide thus ensuring we always have the knowledge and proprietary technology to maximize your global tax reclaim opportunities.


Vatwire’s IT and Technology teams are constantly developing industry leading bespoke software to make the process of VAT recovery more efficient and expeditious. Our team works closely with our global customers to understand their unique set of requirements resulting in tailor made software solutions.


Our global online proprietary software provides our customers with full transparency at all times, in the process of claiming back their VAT from the foreign authorities.

Global Service

Our management and employees are highly qualified tax experts whom have an intimate and in-depth knowledge of the various foreign tax offices systems, processes and relevant legislations as they pertain to your VAT recoveries.


Given our worldwide presence and the many Blue Chip Banks we transact and deal with, we offer very attractive forex rates and VAT claims are refunded in full and paid in a timely and cost efficient manner to our many global customers.


Our team of qualified tax experts have been hand-picked for the vision, culture and the FOUR TENETS of our business – HONESTY, SOUND ETHICS, TRANSPARENCY AND PROFESSIONALISM.

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